Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven of Endorphina Chapter 82 Restoration, Breakthrough, Conspiracy, Night flashscore home

Search: search by word Paripesa and enter Fengling Tianxia directly in Baidu: chicken leg is good or chicken leg is good to enter the reading interface of BetWinner faster. Chu Yang has made up his mind a long time ago to restore his own repairing skills in this 22Bet, completely pampering him. Calming the shock of the soul, dispelling the soul of the first-generation Nine Tribulations Sword Master who almost brought him into hell, and turning it into his own power! Moreover, he couldn’t wait! In the busy work of Sword Spirit, Chu Yang was not idle—Msports—he only spent half an hour of the Evolution game, and he fiddled with a bunch of dark ‘refined medicine’, which was for Sha Xinliang Prepared with Qin Baoshan. The two people’s injuries and the so-called ‘chronic illness’, in fact, it was easy for Chu Yang to solve Bet9ja. It’s just that it was pulled out for the sake of the nine-petal jade ganoderma to allow Qin Baoshan to advance at this opportunity, which made Chu Yang scratch his head. After thinking for a long time, he finally asked the sword spirit to refine a medicine that can increase his skill for twenty years, and got ready. Sword Spirit’s movements are very fast. In less than an hour, the medicine that Chu Yang needed had already been refined; under the superb refining technique of Sword Spirit, this ball of liquid medicine showed a ball of amber-like purple, which was so clear that it seemed to be able to refract There are stars all over the sky, semi-solid and semi-fluid, exuding a tempting fragrance. Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan, who were waiting outside the door, smelled the strong scent of medicine, couldn’t help raising their brows, and were overjoyed: This speed is really not slow, and the fragrance spread out so quickly… Chu Yang Without the slightest hesitation, he opened his mouth and swallowed the liquid medicine. After only half a quarter of an hour, the power of the medicine began to explode in the body! Then his body seemed to be swallowed into a fire that was on fire



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