Proud World Nine Heavens Spinmatic Part Seven Chapter 73 Endorphina Appetizers

Fengling Tianxia’s work Betway introduction: the fifth part of Xiaoao Zhongtian collects good books and publishes the original fifth part of Xiaoao Zhongtian The fifth part of Xiaoao baccarat Ao Zhongtian welcomes you Hearing this sentence, Chu Tenghu immediately backed away Taking one step, I thought, even if I got to Zijing, I’m afraid I’ll be beaten up. [] Daddy, the old man, just beat up the fourth uncle, and he is getting angry… It’s better to let Teng Jiao do it. After all, Chu Tengjiao was one year younger, he didn’t have so many eyes, and he was filled with greed by the Slot Games, he said excitedly: “I’ll go get it with my fourth uncle.” The two walked into the inner courtyard one after the other— —Suddenly, there was a popping sound, and Chu Feiyan shouted: “Have you seen BGaming’s Amethyst?” Then there was crackling, accompanied by Chu Feiyan’s angry shout: “Did you see it? Did you see it?” ?” Chu Tengjiao’s cry came out. Everyone went over to look, and saw Chu Tengjiao’s face was red and swollen, and he was lying on the live betting ground covered in mud, crying bitterly. Chu Feiyan had disappeared without a trace…Chu Tenghu’s eyes were blazing, and he rushed in hastily: “Spinmatic Tengjiao, Tengjiao… are you okay…” “Fourth Uncle didn’t give Zijing… and hit me …” Outside, Chu Yang smiled coldly: Hit you? Fourth Uncle is so soft-hearted… He really should beat you to death… That night, Chu Feiling and Yang Ruolan came to the clinic in person and took their son back. Yang Ruolan cooked the kitchen herself and made a delicious meal for her son. Watching Msports Chu Yang gobble it up, her beautiful eyes were full of worry. Chu Feiling was so greedy, he stretched out his chopsticks several times, but was beaten back. “Yangyang, are you alright?” Yang Ruolan asked worriedly seeing Chu Yang’s normal expression, smiling as if nothing had happened. “ah?



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