Dark Night Tour BGaming Man Chapter 165 One-eyed (bet game)

If you like “”, click share to let more people know: Since Ma Wen entered, the gate of Devil City has been closed immediately! The group of black knights who were too late to enter were blocked out of the door after all. Marvin was not surprised by this. He had known for a long time that the gate of Devil City would only be opened for a short while, and only the holder of the key could come and go freely with Slot Games. Cang Geer beat the thick city gate angrily, and roared: “He actually has the key!” “Sure enough, he killed Stanger, and he took away the key that belonged to me, and his target must also be the bloody emperor! The face of the legendary wizard was also not good-looking: “What should we do now?” The black knight was silent for a moment, and after a long while, a cold laughter suddenly sounded beside them. “Your laughter tires Paripesa, Thaddeus.” Changol didn’t seem surprised. A pure-blooded devil appeared in front of the three of them. “It seems that you have encountered a problem again, my friend.” Thaddeus smiled all over his face. Although he appeared in the image of a devil, he made people feel amiable. “Don’t look at me with that look, every time you’re in trouble, I offer the premier league solution baccarat a la liga, don’t you?” “It’s me who kept you alive and strong So.” Cang Geer sneered and said, “Don’t call yourself a philanthropist, you’ve got a lot from me.” “Of course, fair trade is the prerequisite for cooperation with Liverpool.” Thaddeus licked his lips : “You know the power of Sodom’s Blade, if it falls into the hands of your enemy, that kid—I can reveal a little secret to you: he has the same blood and identity from purgatory as you, and even, his



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