rumble Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter Thirty-Fourth Liverpool Chapter Chu Family Patriarch

Hearing the sound of horseshoes rushing towards him violently, the uncles and nephews knew that they were coming for this Divine Doctor Chu. But both of them looked unchanged. “Then Zijing, have you kept the sports betting?” Chu Feiyan asked. “Don’t worry, it’s much safer with me than with you!” Chu Yangxuan smiled: “Of course, bet gameOnline Casino will still be spent out of your hands. So, if someone comes to me for treatment this time , I can go there alone. And you, start from here and release the mission!” “Are you alone?” Chu Feiyan looked at him uncertainly: “Is it okay?” Chu Yang smiled lightly and pointed Pointing to his mouth, he pointed to his hands: “Medical skills can determine life and death, and a gun with lips is comparable to a hundred thousand troops! Fourth uncle, I am the king of Chu Yan.” Chu Feiyan laughed loudly: “I believe it! The King of Yama is worthy of being the King of Yama of Chu, he really has this ability!” There were footsteps coming from the door, hurriedly, but the footsteps sounded in the same voice, although he walked in a hurry, he could clearly hear the calmness of this person. Hearing the sound of footsteps, Chu Feiyan smiled and said, “Your father is here.” Sure enough, Chu Fei’s Spinmatic voice rang out before he finished speaking: “Yangyang, where are you Nairabet?” Chu Yang responded: ” I’m here!” Asked strangely: “Fourth Uncle, can you hear the footsteps?” Chu Feiyan chuckled: “Your father NetEnt has been walking like this since he was a child, and he doesn’t move. When I was young, I walked with you.” The third uncle actually lay on his stomach at the entrance of Paripesa, listening to the bet, and he would never recognize the walking sounds of the brothers.” Chu Yang said, “I couldn’t help being excited. Just listening to the footsteps, I can tell who it is. How careful should this be? It shows that the friendship between the father and the brothers is deep.



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