Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 21 The First Love in the World Surebet247Spinmatic!

Good-looking fantasy novels are all in the fantasy bookstore, everyone is stunned at the same time! Chu Feiyan swayed dizzily and dizzily, and sat down on the ground, dumbstruck, speechless for a long time. “This is a difficult choice!” Chu Yang took a deep breath: “So, I don’t dare to make the decision myself. I need you, Third Aunt… to make a decision.” Only the mother of the child, Duan Shuyi, can make the decision, others have no such power! It was reasonable and understandable for Chu Yang to kick him out. But everyone remained silent at the same time. If you want to have no pain in these two years, you will give up the chance to continue your life in the next two years. It is impossible to alleviate the pain of these two years if you want to have a chance to continue your life in the next two years. Duan Shuyi bit her lip in pain. My daughter has been in pain for eleven years, and she finally had a chance to not have to suffer, how could she let it go? But… once you choose to be free from pain for two years, what if you can’t find the panacea after two years? The elixir is hard to find. Everyone has experienced it in the past few years. Who is so sure that they can find it within two years? But if you give up Paripesa for the next two years, if you find the elixir immediately after the child…isn’t cured…wouldn’t it be a lifetime of regret for the premier league? This Leap choice is really a dilemma. Everyone and Surebet247 fell silent for a while. Chu Feiling frowned, Yang Ruolan’s face was heavy. Comparing your heart to your heart, if this happens to your baccarat’s child and let the couple choose, the husband and wife will never dare to make a choice rashly. This is not a choice, it is directly a dilemma of life and death! Chu Feiyan has always been the most enthusiastic about Slot Games, so he also held his breath at this moment. She didn’t even dare to cough anymore… Duan Shuyi’s face was full of contradictions and pain. open



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