World Proud Liverpool Nine Heavens Chapter 8 Chu’s Spring Rumble Autumn

Proud World Nine Heavens Part Six Smiling Proud Zhongtian Part Seven [First Update] Chu Family Pragmatic play, Study Spinmatic. The current patriarch, Mr. Chu Xiongcheng, is putting a map back to its original place, sighing sullenly: “How can we hold together in such a large place as Pingsha Ridge? What’s more, the three major families are independent, isn’t this a joke?” “If the Chu family forcibly conquests, the consequences will be unimaginable! It’s not just two families…” Old Master Chu sighed, his broken eyebrows almost huddling together. For Chu Xiongcheng, the Chu family from generation to generation, sticking to the Premier League where they started in Pingshaling, has grown more and more, and is already satisfied. What’s more, now that all the children and grandchildren are striving for success, it is no problem that they will flourish in the future. As the patriarch of the older generation, Chu Xiongcheng was already very comforting. As for the annexation of Pingshaling, where the Chu family dominates and completes the mission of the big family behind it, the Online Casino, Chu Xiongcheng has never even thought about it: Since the world is stable, why kill each other for the rest of their lives when the three-star saint clan is in the ascendant? ? Everyone wants to protect themselves, and then develop steadily…live betting…That’s all…Of course, Mr. Chu has absolutely no idea that his eldest grandson has returned to the Chu family. This King of Hell of Chu subverted the entire Xia Tian with one hand, and changed his dynasty; In just two years, two planes have been overturned! This kind of scheming and martial arts can be said to be unmatched in the world! If Chu Xiongcheng knew this, he believed that he would not care much about the current difficulties of the Chu family. The problem is…he doesn’t know! While he was sighing, he suddenly heard a messy sound coming from a distance outside, it seemed that someone was



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