Chapter 319: The Alchemy of the Soul!

“Yangyang, it’s hard for you to lie to me!” In Chu Feiling’s tone, there was a hint of blame, but most of it was relief: “Fortunately, I finally realized it, and finally arrived here…Son, you… You have to be strong!” Chu Yang stared blankly at him, and Mozzartbet said dreamily, “What…?” The middle-aged beautiful woman was already sobbing and choking, her eyes were fixed on Chu Yang, La Liga’s eyes were full of guilt and heartache: “My child… my child… you… you suffered…” “You… you are?” Chu Yang already felt something in his heart, but he still couldn’t believe it. “This is your mother’s flashscore.” Chu Feiling sighed and said, “You know, once we confirm your news, we can’t sit still anymore. Your mother insists on coming with me… child , put down the sword, don’t do stupid things… Do you want your mother to lose you forever after losing you for eighteen years after finally seeing you?” “So, your mother How can I bear it?!” Chu Feiling said in pain. “My mother?” Chu Yang opened his mouth, only to feel that his soul, which had been shattered baccarat into pieces, exploded and disintegrated again! In an instant, gold stars flashed in front of his eyes, and finally he couldn’t bear it anymore, his body swayed, and he passed out. I just feel that I have fallen into an embrace full of tenderness and love, this smell, this feeling, so lingering, so intoxicating. In a coma, Chu Yang burst into tears… He thought he had changed the fate of betting, but who would have thought that it would make fate even more cruel! All the brothers died miserably in front of him! And I can only watch



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