The 300th real madrid betway chapter 06 solicitation

At the beginning of the sixth part, Mo Tianji squinted his eyes and said, “Boss, I won’t say anything now, but after many years… you will understand that if a tree is planted today, he will be exposed to the sun soon.” When you die, there will be a forest waiting for you!” Mo Tianji smiled warmly: “No way! Mastering the world, everyone knows that this so-called ‘mastering the world’ Xiao Fengyun created it himself, But after studying for this period of time, I found that there is no end!” He blinked, and said: “Since we can exchange the Slot Games’ own lifespan bet game for the prediction of the operation of the heavenly secret, then we can use luck and other various The method is to make up for your own losses.” “It is estimated that the senior Xiao Fengyun was so powerful because he got the ability to control the world. Chu Yang suddenly remembered. Xiao Fengyun, a generation of wise men, only started in the year of weak crown , modify the mind by yourself, in the next three days, rush to Nairabet Wuzun, enter the middle three days, create your own exercises, and rush all the way to the first three days! Any Mozzartbet rubbish exercises, in his hands, can turn decay into magic !His highest achievement is the pinnacle of the Ninth Rank Martial Lord! But it took him only 90 years to reach this level with his own hard work! Although his surname is Xiao, he is not from the Xiao family for the last three days Moreover, the most unbelievable thing is that with the strength of a ninth-rank Martial Lord, he conquered a territory la liga with his bare hands in the last three days, and even the nine ruling families recognized it! Prior to this, Chu Yang always believed that Wu Jun is unattainable. Therefore, Parimatch didn’t notice anything wrong. But as his knowledge increased, Chu Yang gradually discovered: Wu Jun, in the last three days. In fact, the premier league is not



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