Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 267 sports betting shared adversity and richness in the Premier League!

“Cruel?” Ao Xieyun smiled sadly: “Not everyone can afford such a cruel opportunity. Only high-ranking and powerful people have this kind of experience.” “So children from aristocratic families often He matured earlier than ordinary teenagers.” Liverpool “Chu Yang, the Ao family has developed for thousands of years, to be precise, 1,156 years! On average, in 18 years, a generation is born, 70 Many generations. A family like this has a high status. Which descendant is not three wives and four concubines? Which normal man does not have seven or eight children? If it continues like this… If such a tragedy of human relationships does not happen, Ao Shi The family’s population may have already exceeded one million Endorphina! What a huge monster? But now, apart from warriors with foreign surnames, the family’s blood is only a few thousand people. Why?” “Most of the people in the clan died because of the two Just a few words!” “It’s easy to share adversity, but sharing wealth…is even more difficult! In times of adversity, the future is bleak and everyone is in danger. If they don’t unite, they will be destroyed. So we can work together, It is even normal for brothers to die for brothers and sisters. But once the struggle is successful and the fruits of victory are enjoyed, everyone wants to eat the sweetest one! Because everyone has paid, and everyone has paid for it. Not less than others.” “So ambition and NetEnt will breed at this moment, grow wildly, and eventually be unstoppable! Even if they are not for themselves, they are not reconciled to having children and grandchildren for the man city. Which poker parent does not want their children to become dragons? What sports betting is right? Can parents be willing to let their hard-working Paripesa bring up their children with high hopes to be servants of others?” “So every family is successfully established.



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