Night Ranger Chapter 151 Departure! The Dark World Surebet247! [Fifth more Slot Games! 】

During the trip to the Pusen plane in 151, Marvin finally brought enough Chinese food to the territory. This time, it can be regarded as a complete solution to the biggest hidden danger in the White River Valley. In three days, the Baihe Valley Spinmatic land was also developing rapidly. As soon as the three followers entered Feinan, they felt that the shackles that had been suppressing their affiliated bodies disappeared. Their strength began to increase rapidly! In just a few breaths, one of the Ang brothers jumped directly from level 18 to level 19, becoming a real quasi-legend! At this time, they looked at Marvin even more gratefully. If it weren’t for Marvin, they would have no chance of further breakthrough at all! Marvin was also very satisfied with this. At present, the high-end combat power in the White River Valley is extremely lacking. If these few people can grow up quickly, they may be able to support the facade rumble. The Lyon brothers were sent by Marvin to Jianbet Game Port. Their 22Bet identities are free and directly subordinate to Marvin. Their duty is to inspect the southern part of Jiangang, which borders the wilderness. Some hunting teams said that they are under a lot of pressure and often encounter a large number of wild beasts. It is difficult to clear all these Slot Games monsters. With the addition of these two masters, the pressure on those teams should be much lighter. For the Lyon brothers, this is what they wished for. Marvin didn’t restrict their actions, but instead gave them a chance to hone themselves, and immediately thanked Marvin again. As for the astrologer Rachels, Marvin arranged her by Anna’s side. Anyway, the promotion method of astrologers is very special, and there is no need to fight or kill NetEnt. Once you understand it, you will naturally be able to improve. Rachel was born of the noble family of Posen,



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