BGaming Nine Levels of Spinmatic Heaven Chapter 191 Playing you to death!

Xie Zhiqiu below was shocked! This Oak Peak has already reached the pinnacle of the ninth rank of the throne, and Slot Games is only one step away from becoming a king-level master! Thinking of this rumble, Xie Zhiqiu’s chest hurt even more. This bastard, with such a high level of cultivation, actually dare not come down in front of a group of king-level masters! Above, Ou Kefeng has already started fighting with Chu Premier League Yang: “How dare you invade my Ou family when you are still young! I will kill you.” “Not to invade, but to kill” Chu Yang repeatedly dodged, sneered, and said: “BetWinner coward! Just watch your family fall into ruins! Tell you, there are countless king-level high-level hand guards around me! As long as you dare to attack with all your strength, you will definitely die.” Oak Feng was stunned, and immediately stopped, angry Said: “Where is it? Where is it? Call out, I will crush all of them to death.” Chu Yang was speechless for a while. I have seen many masters, but such a timid master is the only one I have seen in my life. Au Kefeng raised his eyes and looked around, spreading out the Spinmatic with overwhelming spiritual consciousness, searching carefully, and after a long time, he finally laughed at Parimatch: “Little bastard, do you think you are bluffing so that the old man is afraid? Even if the Supreme is here today, you can’t do it.” Escape to death.” Chu Yang gulped down a mouthful of saliva: just now when Ou Kefeng was looking around, all the masters of the Ou family below had been killed, and it was the elder who died in the end: Gu Duxing and Dong Wushang. The people teamed up and fell to the ground. Before dying, he looked up with resentful and powerless eyes, and roared aggrievedly: “Old ancestor…” Oak Feng turned a blind eye, and his eyes slipped past him, Go around to find the so-called “group of king-level masters”… Chu



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