Proud World Nine Parimatch Chongtian First Surebet 247 Chapter 178 This is the Nine Layers Pill!

Feng Lingtianxia “It’s so beautiful…” Lanmei said immortally. Wu Qianqian curled her lips, why is this child a little wrinkled all over, just like the little 1xBet old man, thanks to Master Lan who can still say the word “beautiful”… But Wu Qianqian didn’t know that the newborn Children, they are all like this, the one in front of you is already very smooth. At this moment, Yang Ruolan suddenly heard a low sound of **casino Slot, and her body was shaking. With quick eyes and quick hands, Lan Meixian held her up and said, “Ruolan, what’s wrong with you?” Yang Ruolan opened her eyes, a little confused, then looked at the Slot Games child, and said in a daze, “I…I’m fine… “Chu Feiling also noticed the abnormality, rushed forward to support his wife, and asked repeatedly: “What’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?” Yang Ruolan stared at the little baby in the swaddle, and after a long time, she became weak. He repeated again: “I’m fine…” But suddenly there was a feeling like a turbulent Spinmatic wave in his heart. When he saw Tie Butian, although he was very close, he knew clearly that she was his junior sister. But when she saw this little baby, a feeling of blood connection suddenly rose in Yang Ruolan’s heart; it seemed that this little child in front of her was the person closest to her! This feeling is very mysterious. Moreover, Yang Ruolan had a vague feeling: this child looks like her own when it was just born…why is it so similar? Then he shook his head with a wry smile: Newly born children in the world are basically all alike, they just came out of the mother’s womb, wrinkled all over, how can you tell who looks like chelsa in this Betking? simply not



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