Night Ranger Chapter 137 affiliate betting surgery

The first volume of the nobleman who lost his territory Author: Deep Blue Coconut Juice Work: The permanent domain name of this site The appearance of Ma Wen surprised everyone! Hubble’s face was cloudy and uncertain, and he couldn’t help but glance into the corner. affiliate★新`思`路live betting`Chinese`文`网★ There, standing there was a man with a slightly embarrassed expression. Just. By the way, this guy can be regarded as Hubble’s confidant. He doesn’t accept orders from ordinary people to enter the city. In fact, poker is also executed by Hubble’s forebet, and Jiasi BGaming specially executes it on his behalf. It’s just that the appearance of Marvin broke some of his plans. He was a little uncertain about the relationship between Marvin and Daniela, and he has not made a decision for a long time. “Mr. Marvin.” Hubble considered his vocabulary and said seriously: “This is a very formal meeting. Regarding the issue of the succession rights within the Creeland family…” Marvin waved his hand immediately and looked towards Everyone: “You just want to tell me, first, you have already made a decision, and Mr. Hubble is the heir to the grand duke that everyone expects; second, I have no right to interfere in your family’s internal affairs, is that what you mean?” Hubble faced Showing embarrassment, he is a very hypocritical person, no matter what the nature of the matter is, at least he will do enough on the surface. This kind of person is definitely a very powerful person in normal times. However, in this chaotic era, some things are not so important. This is also the reason why Marvin is unscrupulous. In Lavis, apart from Daniela, no one can compete with him. The rest of the people sneered when they heard Ma Wen’s words. One of the elders of chelsa even stood up and reprimanded Betway: “Since you



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