World-Proud Nine Heavens Champions League First Liverpool Chapter 109 is inexplicably weird!

The blue mist gradually filled the air, and the people in the encirclement outside were also slowly retreating. Always keep a distance of tens of feet from that blue mist! In three directions, Anzhu’s subordinates were obviously ahead of everyone, with swords shining in their hands, ready to strike at any time! Chu Yang stared intently, secretly surprised! A ninth-level spirit beast is indeed a ninth-level spirit beast! To be able to defeat the joint efforts of Jun Xizhu and Mr. Wei! Although he was completely at a disadvantage now and couldn’t get out by rushing left and right, he was not injured yet! The horror of the ninth-level spirit beast can be seen! While Chu Yang was thinking about it, suddenly there was a hoarse and strange howling from the field, and he hurriedly looked up, only to see the viper suddenly soaring into the sky, and a red shadow soared upwards! Everyone who heard the viper’s roar felt dizzy and hallucinations involuntarily! Jun Xizhu and Young Master Wei let out a whistling sound, and attacked from both sides! The three shadows shot up into the air at the same time in no particular order, all because of the high speed, leaving behind countless afterimages! This creates a visual illusion of extremes on Msports! Those who didn’t have time to raise their heads clearly saw three shadows fighting on the spot. The person who just raised his head saw shadows fighting in mid-air, and the person who raised his head completely saw three shadows fighting in the sky! The Qingni Blood Snake wanted to escape! Roulette This is something that everyone present can see. Jun Xizhu and Mr. Wei of Betking also knew it in their hearts, so they intensified their attacks by coincidence! If it wasn’t for the champions league’s desire to capture this green blood snake alive, with the strength of the two masters, it would have been killed already! But until now, both of them have watched the bet game:



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