World-defying BetWinner Nine Heavens Eighth la liga Chapter 13 The throne can be killed! Mind!

It was late at night, and soon it was early morning. In the windy forest, it was even darker, and the whistling wind blew past lowly, making a sound like howling ghosts and gods! The figure flickered, and at the entrance outside the Yinfeng Roulette forest, there were already two more BetWinner figures. It was the eighth and ninth elders of the Ou family! The two hid behind a large rock as soon as they dodged, checked carefully, and finally confirmed that the other party had indeed entered the Yinfeng Forest. “Go in and have a look.” The Eighth Elder and the Ninth Elder looked at each other, and they both saw each other’s thoughts: Although the Yinfeng Forest is dark, it is also good. You can’t see each other, and the other party can’t even see yourself! But the detection of the emperor’s consciousness is much stronger than that of the king’s class! Here, the higher the cultivation base, the more dominant it is! As long as we know each other’s position, the two of us can completely kill them, even if we can’t; we can hold them back! It is convenient for the brigade to act after dawn. The two of them had made up their minds, and they floated up, and went to the Yinfeng Forest with big thorns! When the two of them thought about it, since the two of them were emperors and they were tracking in the dark, it was absolutely impossible for the other party to find their tracks. So although he was on guard in his heart, he didn’t really care. Their self-confidence is completely justified. If it was only Chu Yang and others, they would not be able to find them! But… live betting Chu Yang has a sword spirit who has cultivated for more than 90,000 years in his body! Suddenly a sound floated in, only to feel ghosts and wolves howling in the sky, and the two couldn’t help laughing wryly, this Yinfeng Forest really deserves its reputation. Started the spiritual detection, and moved forward cautiously… Slot Games… After taking three or four steps, I couldn’t see my fingers. just as they entered the windwind forest



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