Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 57: Ji Mo’s flashscore decisive battle!

Ji Mo walked from the top to the bottom, halfway through, and the Premier League has already stirred up the emotions of the crowd. At first, it was only people from Gu Luo, Dong Ji’s four major families and Mo Sheng’s people cheering. But in the end, the audience simply echoed! Even those who bet on Gaosheng also responded. Because NetEnt Ji Mo has a saying that speaks to the hearts of affiliates: you pursue BGaming rights and wealth, there is nothing wrong with it. But you can’t drag a woman you don’t like for power and wealth to get it all! By doing this, you not only feel sorry for the two Rumble families, but also for that woman; you even feel sorry for yourself. Then what qualifications do you have to fight for all this? Actually because of this duel with others? I bet on you just to win money; but that doesn’t mean I don’t despise your character! I scold you, I boo you; but as long as you win, I will still get the money! I praise you and I support you… But if you lose, I will still pay. Does it matter? So Ji Erye’s prestige became more and more powerful. As he walked down, he waved gracefully, his face was full of spring, and he was so excited that his buttocks twisted unconsciously. So, he looked for this song, yelled, twisted his buttocks, betting on his feet, and still took a figure-of-eight gait… all the way down as calmly as a mountain and incomparably coquettish. “We must win!” Second Master Ji raised his arms and shouted. Roulette “Victory!” All the people shouted together. “We must defend true love!” Ji Erye took two steps and continued to shout, with great vigor. “Defend true love!” All together. “We must defeat the devil!” Ji Erye continued his efforts. “Down with the devil!” Everyone’s emotions are getting stronger and stronger.



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