Proud Nairabet Nine Heavens Chapter 44 Paripesa The power of the dark bamboo, reigning in the world!

Dong Wushang didn’t say anything. As for Chu Yang blocking the knife for him, he didn’t show Betting in particular. But his heart has been trembling and scorching hot! Dong Wushang’s personality is different from Chu Yang’s, but Roulette is somewhat similar to Gu Duxing. Chu Yang’s character is that if you say it, you must do it! A thousand gold promises! After you do it, you must say it! Chu Yang will never bury any of his achievements! In the previous livescore life, I met many people who did good deeds and were ashamed to say it but were misunderstood; I met many people who only knew what la liga did but didn’t say it but were buried… So Chu Yang realized the truth of Endorphina: If you don’t tell, how will others know that you did it? If you do it but don’t say it, how can others affirm you? This is a competitive world! And the competition is life and death! Don’t be a fool! After walking several tens of feet, Chu Yang used his kung fu to activate the medicinal power all the way, and rubbed it gently with his hands, the wound was already scarred; although there was still some pain, it was no longer serious. The fact of Leap made Dong Wushang’s eyes widen. Chu Yang smiled, patted his shoulder with his palm, and blinked: “Don’t worry, I have the elixir; I’m not afraid of injury!” Then he blinked again: “So you are not afraid!” Dong Wushang widened his eyes, suddenly relieved Laugh out loud. At this moment, the mood is completely relaxed. Chu Yang also laughed happily, and scolded with a smile: “Damn, holy-level training partner, this is really a fucking profit! If I let that guy know that I will recover so quickly, I won’t be so depressed …BetWinner…” Dong Wushang laughed even more out of breath, and said: “Not bad! Not bad! Haha…” Laughing, he suddenly paused, and said: “However, it doesn’t matter if you are a partner



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