Proud World Nine Heavens 420 rumble Chapter 7 Chapter 5 Leave

Countless banners raised the sound of the hunting wind, roared, and charged into the battlefield. Millions of troops, howling like a tide, poured into the battlefield! Da Zhao betting’s original camp has become an entire battlefield for LiveScore! More than 6 million people are fighting each other, wielding knives at each other, and killing each other! At this moment, the flames flashed, and suddenly the entire camp was surrounded by electric flames, flickering, and then there was a loud bang, and an earth-shattering explosion suddenly erupted in the center of Dazhao Camp! The violent explosion blasted out a huge hole with a radius of tens of feet in the entire central area. All the people in the central area, no matter whether they were friends or enemies, regardless of their official positions, were blown into the sky and scattered into pieces of meat all over the sky! Then, the entire camp suddenly caught fire, and the fire spread rapidly, covering five or six hundred miles in the time it took the Evolution game to cover its ears, and it was still expanding rapidly towards the surrounding area! Bursts of yellow smoke and black mist shot up into the sky, rapidly expanding towards the entire battlefield in this windless and cloudless weather! The smoke is obviously added; everyone who smells the yellow smoke is all dizzy, and NetEnt, it seems that Mozzartbet’s mind has also fallen into an inexplicable confusion Slot Games, screaming wildly and slashing wildly Kill, whether it is an enemy or a friend, unify and start a chaotic war! The black smoke rises and spreads. Everyone who smells it is powerless. It seems that they can’t even control their eyelids. The weapon in their hand falls to the ground with a rumbling sound. They can only look at the enemy’s sharp sword in fear. My body suddenly fell… The green smoke billowed up, and everyone who smelled it was excited, as if they were covered in this



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