Chapter 414 Thank you heaven for the champions league, he is back!

After Chu Yula Liga took charge of the military households… against the households, with a little trick, all 400,000 enemy troops disarmed and surrendered! No bloodshed, end the battle! Although the enemy has reached the end of the road, Chu Yuzuo is a bit tricky, but I have to deny that there is nothing wrong with Chu Yuzuo’s strategy! At the beginning of taking office, he immediately acted vigorously and harassed dozens of waves overnight, making the enemy soldiers panic, just like withdrawing salt from a wound. Shaking Wu Kuangyun out to persuade him to surrender was a stroke of genius. Wu Kuangyun has a special status, he personally came to persuade him to surrender, if Long Ao didn’t show up, Rumble would be despised. Moreover, sending Wu Kuangyun to persuade him to surrender in person gave Long Ao a vague hint: We can talk! Because the status of both sides of Slot Games is enough. But Long Ao had reached the end of his life, and Wu Kuangyun’s arrival just gave him a chance to save his face, so he had to go out. And luckily, under such circumstances, Long Ao had to go out. The text of this chapter is provided by Aoshi Jiuzhongtian Baidu Tieba. As long as it comes out, according to the teaching of King Chu Yan, if Wu Kuangyun is not angry with Long Ao to death, he can also be mad at him! Of course, at the very least, Long Ao must lose his prestige among the entire army. There is at most a commotion in normal times, but losing prestige at this time of life and death… that is tantamount to going straight to the end of live betting! In this way, Long Ao was provoked to commit suicide, and the 400,000 army had no leader, and they all lost confidence in Long Ao, and even despised him. In addition, you are in a desperate situation, so what if you don’t vote for Spinmatic? Even after the fact, he was still a little dissatisfied with King Chu Yan, Betting thought: I can do it at this moment! But this part of the mind, after taking over the army, sees the dragon



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