Night Ranger First forebetSlot Games Chapter 108 The Witch

isabel. Marvin had guessed the name before, but when the girl said her name again, Marvin was still a little shocked. He didn’t expect to meet her in this place. And the little girl who was rescued by the gangsters a few months ago has grown up. All this is too unbelievable to say. Before the cataclysm, Marvin also met Nairabet in Baccarat and looked for Isabel who was trained in the League of Assassins, but lost her track. He was too busy with us at the time to find the missing girl. Unexpectedly, she got the apprenticeship of the Winter Assassin by mistake. Facing the Ma Roulette text, Isabel didn’t hide anything, and directly threw the Whispering Bug out. Poor Winter Assassin, not only has to help during the battle, but also has to expose his current embarrassing image to Marvin. After all, it’s too embarrassing for a famous legend to be turned into a whispering bug by an evil witch. Fortunately, Winter Assassin’s psychological quality is good, and he probably endured it after so many years. In addition, he did have a preference for Isabel, and he did not hide many secrets from Marvin. After hearing this, Marvin was even more speechless. No wonder Isabel grew up suddenly – it turned out to be a matter of the flow of time. The flow of time is a wonderful concept in Slot Games. The time flow rate of each affiliate plane is different. Marvin has been staying in Feinan, so naturally there will be no messy situations in the livescore. But after Isabel was recruited by the Winter Assassin, she has been practicing assassin techniques in a special space. Although Feinan’s time has only passed a few months, she was there



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