Proud World Nine Chelsa Chongtian Chapter 279 La Liga The Collision of Two Heroes! (three)

What the author of this chapter said: Vote with votes, and click the link of the book page if you have no votes, so as to increase the number of clicks on “The Nine Heavens of Proudness”! Let’s dance together in the sky, let’s be proud of the world, let’s bet the game together to read this gorgeous article! “Aoshi Surebet247 Jiuzhongtian” starting page link: Link to this chapter: ☆: [Computer User Access] Aoshi total serial address (including the address of nearly twenty chapters and the address of the e-book): The reason is that Jing Menghun inserted a sentence talk. As Jing Menghun, in Fifth Qingrou’s group, he is absolutely qualified to interrupt. Not only are you qualified to interrupt, but you can also make decisions! The first casino Slot of the Golden Horse Knights Hall is the throne, is Liverpool waiting for nothing? But the interruption now made Chu Yang la liga grab his braid almost arbitrarily! With an extremely arrogant and unreasonable betting gesture, infinitely arrogant and domineering. Give the fifth light Endorphina softly a blow! Slot Games Wu Wuqingrou is here to test, so once Chu Yang shows his timidity, Wu Wuqingrou will see through his identity. So Chu Yang couldn’t show his timidity. On the contrary, I am the son of the last three days! How noble? What a detached position? You Wuwuqingrou is the prime minister of a secular country, if I am willing to meet you, I have already given you great face! In my champions league, no matter you are a generation of heroes or a generation of bears, in my eyes, bullshit is worse! If I want to turn my face, I will turn my face! I can do whatever I want! If I catch a loophole in your subordinates, I can influence your purpose of coming here! Although I’m rude, but I’m rude, what can you do? Chu Yang’s unreasonable making trouble this time seemed arrogant and unreasonable, but matched with his demeanor and gentle temperament,



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