Nairabet Chapter 195 Slot Games Wrong and Right!

The world-defying Ninth Heaven “Throne!” Lao Sa was already covered in bruises, and at the final stage of this test, he suddenly jumped up with a heart-piercing roar, but Betking was in mid-air, and was almost shot at by hundreds of spears at the same time. Leap pierces for a moment…. The battlefield suddenly fell into silence! Looking at the entire area in a mess, looking at all the buildings that collapsed in this trench, everyone felt a little like waking up from a dream. Only the blood on the ground is still flowing quietly, and there is a slight splashing sound… Spinmatic…. “It’s finally over!” Chu Yang stood wearily, and murmured, “The price paid to encircle and suppress the two thrones is actually so heavy…” With a sway, he almost fell to the ground! Kong’s heartbroken blow, although exhausted, still nearly killed Chu Yang! If that palm hit Ji Mo’s body, it would hit the chest! Chu Yang stepped forward suddenly, and that palm hit Chu Yang’s right chest! There was a sudden vibration of the internal organs, and several ribs were broken in an instant! Fortunately, Kong’s strength after Sadness came to an end! Otherwise, if the Nine Tribulations Sword Soul doesn’t take the initiative to attack, Chu Yang’s life really won’t be saved! “Count the casualties, and go all out to chase down the other escaped throne!” Chu Yang gave this order, his throat sweetened, and he spit out another mouthful of blood from the Evolution game, shaking the premier league to the point of collapse. Now affiliate Chu Yang is very strange, what is Tie Butian doing? Why didn’t such a big thing come? And Betway…, the two shadow guards also didn’t see any of them? If one came, this battle would not be so tragic.” Finally, it came to an end, and Tie Yuncheng fell into relative calm



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