Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 139 Nairabet Chapter Chu Parimatch The Origin of Hades!

Sun Changfa’s face is sad: … I just sent out the news, and saw the remaining De Li Heizi and Peng Huihui came to me, saying that they were the heads of Liu Xiaosan, Deng Xiaochelsa Wu and Zhang Neng , has been hung on the city wall to show the public, but Li Shun’s is not, and then news came that Li Shun’s line was uprooted from top to bottom… The throne, more than forty people, all died of wrongdoing… “Sun Changfa trembled all over: “By tomorrow, Li Heizi is also missing; Kung fu, baccarat, my place was surrounded by Butian Pavilion, fortunately the affiliate had a secret passage and I escaped from Spinmatic, but Peng Huihui was gone…” “In other words, your Surebet247 line should have more than 90 people , now there is none? You only have a bare rod left? “Yin couldn’t be angry at first, but after listening to it, he felt that the situation was serious. Not to mention anything else, the action of Butian Pavilion was really too fast! When he found the clue, he started chasing it fiercely until it was completely killed. Killing. Not to mention anything else, Sun Changfa’s line has nearly a hundred people. As an outside intelligence agency of the Golden Horse Knights Hall, it can definitely be regarded as a large department. And the actions are very cautious. The three departments have always been in single-line contact ;This is the safest way. But it’s still within two days… Yes, Yin can’t start counting from the moment Sun Changfa started talking. Two days! Only two days, and I’m all alone!” …, Sun Changfa was a little dejected: “For other departments, it is only a one-line contact from me, and I don’t know what other departments are there.



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