Chapter 111: Endorphina is your weakness champions league!

“Let’s not talk about this, little girl, what are you going to do?” Tie Butian winked at Chu Yang. “Let’s talk after leaving the palace.” Chu Yang bowed to Du Shiqing, and said, “Mr. Du champions league student, thank you, I owe you another favor.” Chu Yang’s words were very cryptic. Owing a favor… It seems to be a very common sentence, but even Du Shiqing doesn’t know that this time, Chu Yang left for him a redemption in the future when there is no redemption! Chu Yang has a clear conscience. Du Shiqing saved Mo Qingwu once, so Chu Yang will definitely remember it. Besides, Du Shiqing is also an elder whom I respect… Du Shiqing chuckled and waved his hand, not paying attention at all. BetWinner came out from the Imperial Spinmatic Palace to bid farewell to Paripesa. Tie Butian looked at Chu Yang holding the little girl as if he was holding a baby, and couldn’t help frowning: “Chu Yuzuo, although you may not feel comfortable when I say it, you are alone.” I still want to remind you that this little girl, Bet9ja, is likely to become your weakness.” Chu Yang frowned, looked up at Tie Butian, and asked gloomily, “What do you mean? Real madrid” “What do you mean by this little girl?” I really like her, I can see the flashscore of this BGaming point. But if you show this kind of liking to the outside world and be discovered by Wu Wuqingrou’s spies…” Tie Butian said lightly: “I’m afraid your liking for her baccarat, On the contrary, it will harm her! Brother Chu, Liverpool, be careful!” “That’s right.” Chu Yang was startled and thought of this immediately. It’s really possible to do that. Can’t help but take a deep look at Tie Butian: “Thank you for reminding me!”



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