World Proud Nine Premier League Days Chapter 42 The world’s Liverpool is shaking!

The world suddenly became dark, but he still stood in front of the window with his hands behind his back, motionless. It wasn’t until someone tiptoed in to light a candle at the first moment, and the lights in the mansion came on, that he frowned slightly, returned to the desk and sat down. His eyes were fixed on the void, as if he was thinking about something. “Master, Mr. Dong, please see me.” An old man in green clothes appeared silently and reported respectfully. “Dong can’t? Let him in.” This person is the number one minister of power under one person and above ten thousand people in the Great Zhao Empire, the fifth Qingrou! After a while, a tall and thin man walked in. “Well, Mr. Xiang.” “Sit down.” Wu Wuqing softly waved her hand, looked at the burning candlelight on the table, and said quietly: “Master Dong, what is it?” “Yes.” I came here for this vision of heaven and earth.” Dong was unable to grow up, with a pair of big hands, like a palm fan, a thin face, high cheekbones protruding, and a pair of eyes, but like a falcon sharp! Anyone who sees his eyes will immediately think of the murderous ghoul in the desert. This person is the number one general in the Zhao Empire’s military! If Dong can’t get here, it means that the leaders of both the military and political parties of the Great Zhao Empire are here! In general government, the leaders of both the military and the government are incompatible with each other, but here it is just the opposite. Dong Fu couldn’t be older than Wu Wuqingrou, but Wu Wu Qingrou was the person Dong couldn’t admire the most in his lifetime flashscore! “A vision of heaven and earth? It’s not bad, it’s indeed a vision of heaven and earth!” Fifth Endorphina said softly with a hint of worry on her face. After finishing speaking, his eyes lowered slightly, as if he was trying his best to think about what Surebet247 was doing.



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