If there is a live betting student in the first chapter of Aoshi Nine Heavens, dance with Juntian!

Nine layers of sky, sea of ​​clouds, wind and thunder tower, a line of sky! Here, Betway is the Nine Heavens Continent, for three days, a Jedi, Fenglei Terrace! You can catch the wind and thunder, and go in and out of the sky! But at this moment, on the Fenglei Terrace, there is a bloody mist! “Chu Yang, hand over the Nine Tribulations Sword! Please don’t die!” “Chu Yang, you are dying, so you should hand over the Nine Tribulations Sword. I can save a whole body for you!” “Chu Yang, Nine Tribulations Sword! It’s a waste of the world’s number one fetish like Jie Jian in your hands. After so many years, your livescore has not made any progress, and you are simply extorting money! You should hand it over…” There were bursts of loud shouts from It came from all directions. In the center of Fenglei Terrace, on a slightly protruding boulder, Chu Yang was dressed in black, soaked in blood, with disheveled hair, but his face showed a constant indifference. The expression in his eyes was still as calm and steady as a rock! -The body is still as straight as a javelin! Just like the sword in Mozzartbet’s hand, it is full of meaning that he would rather bend than bend! Even though he has been fatally injured! Under his feet, within a radius of hundreds of feet, there were countless broken limbs, dripping with blood. Looking at the group of masters who were only shouting but not rushing over, Chu Yang had a mocking smile on his face, arrogant and disdainful! Facing this expert like a cloud, even though he is at the end of his rope, he is still full of arrogance! These people have good calculations. They know that even though they are exhausted and the champions league is exhausted, no matter who comes up, they have to face the blow of their own Betking end, and no one wants to be the one who takes the back. I only hope that someone will rush up and seek death in a daze. But no one is stupid, so they simply agreed at this time



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