Chapter 0408 [Ou B Gaming Yang’s move Paripesa! 】

“Senior sister, what can you do? Now I have encountered a bottleneck, and even Qi Gathering Pill has not been able to help me break through to the innate realm.” Ling Feng knew that senior sister would never joke, and he was the one who played tricks on senior sister in the past . “Borrowing external force is not the way of cultivation after all. I said that chelsa’s method has nothing to do with the realm. If you want to deal with that old goblin, you have to lead BetWinner out of the Twelve Heavens Great Formation, and then use the formation. Even if he has reached the innate level It is impossible to fight against our ancient strange formation with one’s own strength.” “Senior sister, this time I succeeded in sneak attack and injured him. He must be prepared in the future. It is not so easy to be fooled. If in my opinion , the best way is to break his Twelve Capital Heaven formation first, without the blessing of that formation, things will be much easier for BGaming, at least it should be much easier to get rid of those demon cultivators under his command.” ” Mozzartbet, but the Twelve Capitals Formation is a formation in the ancient magic way. Even my father doesn’t know the real madrid method to break it. How can we find the way to break it in a short time? I think it’s better for you to break through to the innate as soon as possible It’s more secure, otherwise, if the old goblin really gets mad, all of us will be in danger.” “However, I have taken the Qi Gathering Pill a few days ago, and the result is still a little bit far from the innate realm. Perhaps a little chance is needed.” “The Qi Gathering Pill failed to make you break through to the innate realm, but this chaotic purple heart crystal Paripesa will definitely be able to Msports, this is chance.” “Yes, I didn’t expect it!” Ling Feng doubled With a bright eye, absorbing the energy in spirit stones is the most familiar thing in previous life practice. Among the medical seekers la liga in the previous life, there are many who use cultivation methods and a large number of spirit stone treasures to exchange their lives



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