Aoshixian rumble doctor Chapter 033livescore9 [Wait to go to jail! 】

“Don’t you know a lot of spells? Don’t you have a lot of baccarat methods? You look like an eggplant beaten by Shuang now! Our painstaking efforts for so many days were all ruined by your carelessness! Hmph, you are so angry I’m killing you! How many days ago I reminded you that you were so confident that you didn’t take it seriously, man city is fine now, we have to purchase Paripesa according to the contract for the packaging and other products stocked by its affiliated companies, and then A large amount of funds will be accumulated in vain, otherwise we can use the sandalwood grass to start the Fengshi Oral Liquid, and use this blockbuster to change the situation, but now… hey!” Sister Chu sighed and sat down with a sad face. on the couch. BGaming, “The official will not let me intervene. I have all kinds of skills, but Betting will not help. The current solution is to use the funds I have on hand to slowly prepare for the production of Fengshi Oral Liquid. I still have one billion in hand, and I will do it with great fanfare It can’t be done, but after the payment of the affiliated enterprises is settled, the remaining money is enough for small troubles.” “Then there is still the Li Group in the Premier League? The funds of those affiliated enterprises must be settled with others, and more The scary thing is that you let them hoard so many herbs, and the funds have to be settled! I’m afraid we can’t even plug the big hole of the Li Group, Betting, you, Leap, can’t just watch them all be caught in prison, right?” No, the cash in my hand is enough to settle it, but it is an absolute Endorphina secret that the Li Group belongs to me, and it must not be known by others.” Sister Chu nodded, then blinked her big eyes, and asked : “Are you going to use this to make a fuss?” “Exactly.” Li Moran’s reception hall in Li’s house in the capital. “Teacher, don’t worry,” Li Moran said.



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