Aoshixian BetWinner Medical Chapter 032sports betting 5 [Gift! 】

Ling Feng and the three of them arrived at a boulder and hid themselves. As far as their spiritual sense was concerned, Master Ling discovered that there were indeed several gunmen lurking there all the time, staring at the only entrance to the south. Yamaguchi, who appeared inside and outside the flashscore, must have faced six submachine guns and swept them at the same time. At the moment of Spinmatic, although Ling Da’s genius doctor can’t use Leap to use Msports spells, he can also fly with his sword, but it’s hard to say for Jiang Zhong and Fan Yao. To be on the safe side, Ling Feng blessed Jiang Zhong and Fan Yao with five vajra amulets each. But Jiang Zhong asked softly: “Master, why don’t you bless yourself? Could it be you…” “Apart from the Nairabet Tiangang Hemostatic Talisman, I only have these ten Vajra Talismans left, and now my spirit is damaged and I cannot use spells.” It is also impossible to draw runes, otherwise there is an invisibility talisman in hand, so there is no need to be so restrained. If I had known today, I would have stored more for the teacher.” “Ten in total? Then, master…” “This King Kong Five talismans are superimposed to resist the power of bullets. If there are fewer, your lives are still in danger. Don’t worry, they will not easily hurt me.” “Master… But I am still worried about your safety.” ” Yes, Master.” Although they are hidden in the deep Endorphina, the gangsters are still very careful, but in their view, even if there is a large-scale operation by the police, as long as the helicopters are not directly sent to bomb, even if there are hundreds of special police, it will be useless Not theirs. Because they occupy an absolute geographical advantage. However, their opponent is Ling Feng! Leading Jiang Zhong Fan Yao to perform lightness kung fu to the front, Ling Feng waved his hand. Signaled to the brothers and sisters not to show up, and then Ling Feng



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