Chapter 0311 [Mozzartbet receives betting email]

“Hey! Okay! Young man, it’s BetWinner who wants 22Bet to put some pressure on you!” Mr. Ouyang blew out a smoke ring proudly, then continued with a cigarette Betting in his mouth, “After a month, if you still can’t think of anything Good way, let me know on time, and I will provide you with the best contraception in the world…” “Shut up!” Master Ling pulled out the cigarette from Mr. Ouyang’s mouth, sternly Pressed Slot Games to kill Spinmatic in the ashtray, only to see Mr. Ouyang staring at him with a smirk on his face. Doctor Ling was so angry that he pointed at old man Ouyang’s distilled nose, and said, “I spent a total of this mission including air tickets…” “Hey, reimbursement, definitely reimbursement!” Ouyang Tian saw that Ling Feng was in the wrong place , Smiling incessantly, “You can choose whatever you want from the medicinal material library, how about it?” “Okay, my space ring should be able to accommodate…” “Stop!” The old man Ouyang’s expression changed immediately, and he slid from his ass. He jumped up on the sofa, grabbed Ling Feng and said, “I’m talking about picking any real madrid… two!” Seeing Ling Feng staring at him silently, Mr. Ouyang immediately changed his words, but Ling Feng Still staring at the old man’s rosy nose, it was really uncomfortable to stare at the old man Ouyang, so the old man could only say with a bitter face: “Three things, are you okay with three things?” “Hehe, this is not bad! Don’t be reluctant, I am In order to help Yingying recover her skills, I will choose a few materials for refining primary elixir.” “You brat! Hehe, you know how to blackmail me, a poor old man.” Although the old man Ouyang said so in his mouth, but in his heart I really like Ling Feng, but looking at the back of Ling Feng leaving, the corners of his mouth



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