Chapter 0297 Parimatch [real madrid may appear at any time]

Talking about Yingying, Sister Chu showed a trace of astonishment, Ling Feng told Sister Chu concisely about the encounter with Yingying and related experiences. When Fu NetEnt Shi Shanlin healed her, he discovered that she had a rare pure yin body. This kind of physique may not only be found in women. The gender of the main soul does not necessarily match the body of the main body. The body of pure yin is not bad, but a genius of cultivation.” “Oh? Genius? Is it really poker?” Although sister Chu has never practiced, she heard He is a genius in cultivation, but he also became inexplicably happy, “Then when will you teach me a set of cultivation methods?” “Hehe, look at your excitement,” Ling Feng suddenly pinched Sister Chu’s little nose and smiled Said, “You can envy people with such great abilities, but cultivation is not a fun thing, it is very hard.” “Do you think I am the kind of person who is afraid of suffering?” “No, you don’t even want to die. Don’t be afraid, why would you be afraid of suffering? You have suffered a lot for the start of the company. If you put this spirit into practice, I think you will be able to do it once you bet the game. Of course, chelsa, if you really She is a pure yin body, so cultivation comes from getting twice the result with half the effort.” Hearing Ling Feng’s words of suffering for the company, sister Chu felt warm in her heart, but she was also full of sour happiness. She felt that no matter how much she ate The suffering is worth it, but she has always been reserved, but she didn’t talk about it, but continued the topic just now: “Then… if I practice hard, I will



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