Night Ranger Sixth Betting Game Ten Betting Chapter Three Enmity [Big Chapter]

Choose: ♂ go ÷ small →,. The elf’s words made Marvin’s heart skip a beat. To be honest with baccarat, his current strength growth has indeed entered a bottleneck period. Moreover, in the foreseeable future of the Champions League, he will inevitably encounter a bottleneck that all strong human beings will face. Level 30 full level. 30 is a very mysterious number in Feinan. An attribute of thirty points is the agility of the gods. If it exceeds thirty points, it is the domain of the gods, and it is difficult for mortals to touch la liga. Of course, poker, like a strong player at the guardian level of the plane, must exceed this data. And level 30, that is, level 10 of the legendary profession, is also a huge bottleneck. Generally speaking, the legendary occupation of a strong human being is at most level 9. Level 29 is a natural moat that few roulettes have been able to overcome throughout the ages. Even those wise legendary wizards. As powerful as the Great Elf King, his own wizard level is only 28, but he just found a way to get dual professions, and at the same time made his ranger level reach 21, so he forcibly broke through the 30th overall level of Spinmatic. limit. Dual occupation is almost impossible to achieve among strong humans. That is to say, it is possible to realize a long-lived race like elves, but it will take a long time to work hard. Besides, Ma Wen doesn’t know how to double career. He is now a Level 21 Night Lord. Although it is still early for him to reach the bottleneck, he will have to face it sooner or later. The choice of most people is Fengshen. In the era when it was impossible to conceive the gods, how many amazing legendary powerhouses could only stop being legends for the rest of their lives because they failed to take that step. The world above the legendary sports betting is still a mystery to the people of the world. The same is true for Marvin. his previous life



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