Chapter 0271 [Do not look at the face of the affiliated monk to see the face of the Buddha Endorphina]

The flashscore of the text messages received by Ling Da Miracle Doctor is very interesting, because on the display of the text messages, these text messages are all sent by Ouyang Tian, ​​but one can tell from the content that the sender is someone else. [.Online Unlimited upgrades] Article 1: Brother Ling, I miss you champions league, come and see me at the headquarters of the secret service team, I’m going to be bored! The second rule: Ling Feng, come here quickly, Yingying is a girl who scoundrels with me every day, I can’t help her making such a fuss with my old bones, so come to the headquarters as soon as possible. Article 3: Brother Ling, you promised me to come and play with me after I found your BetWinner senior sister. Master, you have already found your sister-in-law, why haven’t you fulfilled your promise? Hurry up to NetEnt’s headquarters, I want to listen to Slot Games’ explanation in person, because I don’t think baccarat thinks you are the kind of person who doesn’t count! Article 4: If you don’t come after receiving the text message, you are a hooligan, a bastard, and a rascal! Article 5: Brother Ling, I know you will definitely come, you must come! Article 6: Brother Ling, I have found a way to remove the seal on the sandalwood stick. It turns out that the blood of our Fang family must be used to break the seal on the sandalwood stick. Clause 7:… With a smile, Ling Feng came to the side of a mountain forest. After putting away the Audi, he went to the headquarters of the secret service team like a gust of wind, and arrived at Ouyang Tian’s office without a sound. “I’m Ling Feng, you’re here!” There was a wave of air in the office, and Li Moran knew that it was Ling Feng who had arrived, otherwise no one else could do it. It’s okay, I’m receiving special training, and I’m actively cultivating. I’m working hard, but this



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