Ao Shixian champions league doctor Chapter 0258 [Toxic side effects for liverpool? 】

.Remember! But after Zhong Ziwen knew that Ling Feng’s projects were all real madrid Chinese Medical Association certified products, he began to re-evaluate Ling Feng’s strength livescore! This Ling Feng is definitely not a simple person! A student who didn’t even graduate from a university, with all his hands and eyes, got all the medical patents certified by the Chinese Medical Association. This is an explosive event in itself! It’s no wonder that Chu Yanran is so devoted to her, this kid is indeed a potential stock with an unlimited future! If things go on like this, Zhuren Pharmaceutical will definitely surpass Zhong’s Pharmaceutical in the near future! Whether it is from the perspective of conquering sister Chu or the perspective of business itself, Zhong Ziwen can’t just watch his strong opponent grow stronger and stronger! Although the prescription is brilliant, the prescription is not the medicine itself! It needs to go through many links from a prescription to a real drug. If there is a mistake in each link, forebet may turn a good prescription into an ordinary thing, and even produce toxic side effects. //Thinking of this, Zhong Ziwen rumble has already made a fuss, after all, he has already installed his eyeliner in Lingfeng’s Ren Pharmaceutical in Slot Games! And that eyeliner has completely developed into his driver’s live betting confidant! Money can turn ghosts around, not to mention people who are driven by huge interests and under the dual effects of terrorist threats? Zhong Ziwen is going to make some moves, especially after he has learned that Xuanran Pharmaceutical Company has taken over the related business BGaming of Zhuren Pharmaceutical, and it is showing signs of flourishing. It doesn’t matter anymore. In this way, Zhong Ziwen will lose his sense of existence even more, and the process of completely conquering sister Chu



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