Aoshi Xianyi Chapter man city0216 [22Bet has a guilty conscience! 】

Remember! The scene in front of him, Ling Feng experienced it countless times in his previous life. When he went out to practice, he often went to the tavern for dinner after passing by Paripesa. Check out and leave when you are full, there are too many people of all kinds to enumerate. Remember! Of course, there are also bold and bold people who take the initiative to strike up a conversation, and even have a drink with the person at the opposite table, thus forming friends. However, NetEnt’s scene at this moment is full of dangers, but before the old man makes trouble, Ling Feng doesn’t need to show any abnormalities. After all, it is impossible for such a master to win by sneak attack, you can only do it head-on! So Ling Feng just kept on guard. And through preliminary perception, Ling Feng couldn’t see through the old man’s cultivation! ! That means that this old man is already a real strong man who has broken through the Xuan level! It is an opponent that Ling Feng has encountered in the past, and the Premier League is far incomparable. But Ling Pokerfeng didn’t show any fear at all, he just calmly waited for the arrival of the food and drink. Although the old man is powerful, it is not so easy to take down Ling Feng! Because for more than a month, Ling Feng had exhausted his true energy and spiritual power almost every day, and then he recovered by doing meditation during the day, so that his own energy was emptied and then slowly replenished, not to mention how uncomfortable it was! However, this kind of cultivation made Ling Feng’s progress extremely fast! That was something Ling Feng had never experienced in his previous training. If it weren’t for looking for Senior Sister Luo Xueer, Ling Feng and BetWinner might go all out every day and empty themselves every day! This also allowed Ling Feng to have a deeper understanding of what the Void Fang can hold. storage energy



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