Aoshixian Paripesa Chapter 0202 sports betting

Please subscribe! ! The mastermind behind the scenes has been found out. As for how those officials compete with each other in the Champions League, it has nothing to do with Ling Feng’s affiliate! After extorting 200 million from Lao Jiang, Ling Feng thought that the company could be established in one fell swoop. In order to obtain three other roulette medical patents before the company started operating, he went to the capital again to find Wei Yunsheng, and soon thereafter He returned to Haitian. (nilongdao) He could see that Daoist Lingxu, who wanted to stay alive, didn’t deceive him. It’s not certain that the Seven Treasures Spirit Stove really existed in the forest in the northern suburbs of Haitian, but Ling Feng knew it well, so The legends about him can’t be taken as true, after all, so many people turned over the mountains and forests back then, but they didn’t get anything. He went there just to “perform official duties” without reporting any hope. If Paripesa finds nothing, he will embark on a journey to see the Taoist ruins mentioned by Lingxuzi. In comparison, Master Ling believes that those Taoist ruins are more reliable. live betting Ling Feng is very familiar with the northern suburbs of Haitian, because the abandoned factory is located in the northern suburbs, and Ling Feng often goes to that place, every time the poison powder and venom are brewed there. In order to search for Leap carefully, Ling Feng prepared a lot of food and water, and put them in the space ring, because the forest slot in the northern suburbs does not exist independently, it is connected to the entire southeastern mountain range, any forest It is not something that can be checked in a day or two. Even if there really is the legendary Seven Treasures Spirit Stove, it is not so easy to find it. After all, in the endless mountains and forests, looking for things buried underground is not the same as finding a needle in a haystack.



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