Night Ranger Livescore Chapter 48 The Book of Forgiveness and Betting

Facing the big opening of the lion in Nalu Book, Marvin sneered, and immediately wrote: “Free translation, otherwise we won’t provide any divinity in the future.” The Naru Book fell silent. According to Ma Wen’s current understanding of the Book of Naru, although it has gradually grown stronger, it has not yet reached the level where it can hunt by itself. Marvin is still its master. Although the two parties reached some agreements, under the strong influence of Marvin’s will, the Book of Naaru had to make a compromise. “Only this time.” “Or pay a little Nairabet divinity, and I can directly teach you the relevant dragon language knowledge.” The Book of Naaru responded quickly. Marvin hesitated for a while, and finally refused to Pragmatically play the dragon language teaching of the Book of Naaru. Although he wanted the ability of Dragon Language very much, the teaching of the Book of Naaru was obviously the kind of simple and rude direct force. He didn’t doubt that the Book of Naaru had such abilities, but he didn’t forget that it was an artifact of the God of Deceit. Not so long ago, it was trying to control Marvin’s mind. If it tampered with it during the teaching process, Marvin would be in trouble. He still chose a temporary translator. Thus, the two sides reached an agreement. Dragon Soul began to communicate with Ma Wen in Dragon Language, and the Book of Naaru quickly transformed Dragon Language into Common Language and appeared on paper. After five minutes, Marvin roughly understood something. It’s about the same as he guessed. Dragon Soul itself has a crippled memory, the only thing he remembers is that he was trapped here by a powerful being, Mozzartbet as punishment. Those six dragon teeth are the key to restricting him. Want to remove these dragon teeth. Need a prop Slot Games, the name of this chelsa prop



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