Chapter 0120 [Can the two Slot Games be cleared? rumble】

Search for novels: The next morning, Wu Pengyu sent the fat man Zhao Hai back to Ke College. With a cast on his wrist, he talked with Zeng Ju from the Public Security Bureau on the phone, and then went to Wu Yali’s house with a livid face. Because Wu Yali once told the two police officers that if they dared to hunt down Ling Feng, it would be an abuse of power, because Ling Feng had never committed a crime, let alone a qj, not even a prostitute. Therefore, when Wu Pengyu communicated with Cao Ju in private, Zeng Ju raised this problem. If the arrest warrant was issued without witnesses or sufficient evidence, the consequences would be unimaginable. Even if the suspect is not sure, he will issue a la liga order. Betking will bring a lot of troubles in life and immeasurable mental damage to the other party. If there is a big trouble, it will not end easily. Although Wu Tieshan and the mayor are classmates and close buddies, and Zeng Wenhua Liverpool was able to become the chief of the bureau because Wu Tieshan repeatedly mentioned 1xBet to the mayor to achieve his goal, but this matter is not child’s play. Therefore, Zeng Ju still suggested that Wu Pengyu go to his sister to testify. What Wu Pengyu said at the time was that it would be good for her to testify against casino Slot, but if she refused, it could be regarded as Ling Feng threatening her, so she dared not say that BGaming could still issue a warrant at that time, and let that garbage Everyone shouted and beat them like a mouse crossing the street! Like a lonely soul in the dark night, he dare not see the light! Anyway, it is within the scope of Haitian City, so the impact should not be too great, especially since this is just a premier league with a lot of thunder and little rain, who will really take it seriously? Director Zeng agreed, that’s fine, then I’ll wait for the situation with Sportybet on your side. If your sister is willing to testify against him, it’s not as simple as a wanted warrant.



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