Paripesa Immortal Doctor Chapter 0107 [Are you ready for Betting? 】

Search for novels: Today is the second night, the faint mist is blown away by the breeze, and the moon suddenly looks energetic. Chu Yanran knew that Ling Feng must still be thinking about the Baoxin community, and she was more concerned about this, because she also wanted to know who was the culprit who dismissed her from the Premier League and Ling Feng. So, after staying with Ling Feng for a while, the intellectual sister Chu returned to the dormitory. As for Ling Feng, he drank Chu Yanran’s remaining half cup of Coke with his neck back, and took a taxi to Baoxin Community. Although it was past ten o’clock in the evening, there were still many Spinmatic la liga with lights on in the community. Unit 702, Building 43, was one of them. Obviously, this hacker named Chen Liang was still awake. But at the door of the unit, the door of the Paripesa unit was locked, so Ling Feng pressed the call button of 702 and waited for Chen Liang to answer. Chen Liang, who had just finished taking a shower, quickly picked up the phone, and a strange voice came from the receiver: “Chen Liang, I’ll wait for you at the door of the unit downstairs. Are you going to come down, or should I go up?” “Where are you?” Bit?” “It doesn’t matter who I am, you just need to tell me who Slot Games ordered you to attack my computer.” Ling Feng! Although Chen Liang also guessed that the owner of this strange phone call might be Ling Feng, he was still rumbled surprised to hear Ling Feng say it himself! The computer expert Ling Feng was looking for was too perverted! He actually found out where he lived! This is really terrible! This can only be found by entering the Haitian Netcom server! You must know that the encryption system of the Netcom server is very strict and complicated. What kind of master actually has it?



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