Aoshixian Pragmatic play doctor Chapter 009 champions league Chapter 3 [Poisoned! 】

Searching novels: Ling Feng didn’t bother to talk nonsense with them, he went up and kicked, and kicked the tall young man’s left leg, and the young man let out a howl like a pig, and immediately fell to the ground! However, he was quite tough, and instead of humming any more, he stared at Ling Feng in shock and anger and shouted: baccarat, “Who are you? Slot Games? What kind of way are you? Why did you attack Lao Tzu for no reason?” !” Ling Feng sneered disdainfully, he was not interested in answering the other party’s question at all, but jumped forward and kicked again! With a click, the left leg of the young man from the Evolution game was trampled into a comminuted fracture! Seeing this scene, not only the two women, Mu Rong Feihua and Mo Wenwen, turned pale with fright, but also the stall owner and the fat young man! Who the hell is this kid? He’s too ruthless! Although he didn’t say a word, his actions were quite powerful! This motherfucker is more effective than saying 10,000 words! The tall slender young man had passed out, and in this small world, there was a moment of tranquility, a tranquility caused by shock! “You, come here.” Ling Feng hooked his fingers twice at the fat young man. Although the fat man was terrified, he didn’t dare to show the intention of running away, so he bravely walked in front of Ling Feng. “Do you know why I kicked his legs off?” Ling Feng’s pair of cheap sunglasses seemed to have been enriched by his owner’s words and deeds, giving off a cold and mysterious feeling, especially for affiliates. Especially because of Ling Feng’s indifferent voice, the fat man involuntarily chattered, and his face turned pale. Hearing Ling Feng’s question, he was numb for a moment, then shook his head in fear, shaking his head completely



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