Aoshi Xianyi Chapter 0037champions league [Slot Games is concerned]

A gust of wind from the curtain of the door brushed over Chu Yanran’s face with a tinge of chill. Her slender figure stood there alone, like an isolated close-up. Grievance, sadness and helplessness came to Betting one after another. Although the hut fell into silence, her heart was very chaotic. She didn’t want to cry, but there were real madrid tears in her eyes. At this moment, she just wanted to leave quietly and go to a place where no one was there to be quiet for a while. But Leap is, she is afraid to go out of this room, because she doesn’t want poker to meet Ling Feng, she doesn’t know how to face him. In fact, she also knew that this would bring trouble or even danger to Ling Feng, but in her eyes, Ling Feng was brave, and she had an intuition that Ling Feng would definitely agree. Even if she refuses, Ling Feng will definitely help her find a way. So after Ding Ling made this suggestion, she didn’t refute it. She really likes the feeling of being protected by Ling Feng. Unexpectedly, Ling Feng thought she was using him. This matter was a bit difficult, for Ling Feng’s refusal, Chu Yanran didn’t complain at all, but for Ling Feng’s wronged by Parimatch, she felt wronged and sad like never before. Ding Ling has been paying attention quietly. Although she couldn’t hear what the two said clearly, she could still hear it clearly after the sudden silence. She didn’t know what the result was, but when she heard Chu Yanran’s cry , jumped out of bed with a jerk, and hurried to the west room, but happened to meet Ling Feng. “What’s going on? But why are you crying?” Ling Feng ignored it and walked out of the backyard indifferently. Ding Ling stared at Ling Feng’s back with a slight frown, and hurried into the West Room of Slot Games. “Of course, how



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