Dark BGaming Night Ranger Poker Chapter 33 Sewer Entrance

Choice: Leaving Man City Chiba Forest, Steel City is the first stop that Marvin will go to. The territory of Feinan Continent is extremely vast, and everything south of the Millennium Mountain Range can be called the South. However, the most important territory of the Southern Wizarding Union is from the south of the Millennium Mountains to the north of Chiba Forest. This is an extremely open plain. Compared with Pearl Harbor, Perch Harbor and Jewel Bay in the southeast, it seems like dessert after a meal. There used to be countless wizard Betting towers and tall and powerful cities. But after the cataclysm, everything was in ruins. The banners of the wizards fell to pieces in the ruins, blood flowed everywhere, but the fighting still continued. Still the same sentence, in the face of this kind of natural disaster, the more people in the big cities, the faster they will die. On the contrary, the villagers in the mountains, because they are far away from the wizard, even if some animals are demonized, they can still cope with it by relying on the intuition and means of the old hunters. When Marvin felt the southern suburbs of the City of Steel that day, he felt the lifelessness there. Now every few days, he could feel the bloody smell in this place getting stronger. Butterfly even claimed that the golden feathered griffin saw the consul of the underworld when flying over a chaotic funeral. This gave Marvin a chill. When I was about to die rumble, it seemed that there was a Hades consul who wanted to take away my Slot Games soul. If people from Endorphina, the world of the dead, also want to intervene, the trouble will be not ordinary. After the cosmic magic pool burst. There will be four forces invading Feinan: the abyss, hell, evil spirits, and heaven. The only good thing is that these four forces don’t see each other well. Evil spirits look



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