Betting Alchemy God Chapter 5364 Imbalance of Five Elements Online Casino

Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, After a while, the man in black finally gritted his teeth and decided to tell a part of the truth: “The ancient Shenshu clan was first conceived from the Five Elements Sacred Tree, and they were divided into five clans. Each clan represents one attribute: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. And I am originally from the Jin clan of the ancient Shenshu clan.” “The five clans represent different attributes?” Chen Xiang frowned, ” Then why do you look so evil from the Evolution game?” The man in black sighed, and said, “Because the Five Elements Sacred Tree split later, or it was reborn after death, and turned into three Premier League Sacred Trees, which are the ancient Xinghui trees. , Dream Flower Sea, Jiutian Xuansong. The original five clans of the Shenshu also explored their own way of practice, and they all deviated from the original way of the Five Elements Champions League.” Metal…but now it has become so evil and crazy?” Yaohua just felt it was unbelievable, “Then what have you all become now?” “Now they have become Mingguang, Fenglei, Earth Water, Fire, Evil and dark! Our Jin clan is now evil and dark…Although our strength is very evil, we are the strongest…hahaha…” The man in black robe started to laugh wildly again, it seemed that he was proud of Paripesa matter. After hearing the words of the man in black, everyone couldn’t help being surprised and regretful about the changes in the ancient Shenshu clan. The Jin family, which once belonged to one of the five elements, has now become so evil and violent, and has lost its original purity and righteousness, which is lamentable. “So it turns out that although your strength is strong, you have also lost the balance between the five elements and twisted into your own extreme.” Chen Xiang sighed deeply, “You shouldn’t follow evil,



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