Proud Endorphina World Alchemy God Chapter 5 NetEnt350 Evil power in the heart

Chen Xiang was stunned for a moment, doubts arose in Real Madrid’s heart. This red shadow is too far from the image of the God Lord he imagined. You must know that God Master Chuang Dao is an old man with a transcendent temperament, holy and kind. And the red shadow in front of him couldn’t possibly be connected with the Creator God. “You… are you really the Dao Creator Divine Master?” Chen Xiang hesitated for a moment, and suddenly an inexplicable fear surged in BGaming’s heart. Hong Ying smiled slightly, exuding a faint black Qi Sha, which circulated around Hong Ying. “Yes, I am the Creator God.” Hong Ying’s voice was deep and powerful, as if live betting came from ancient times, “I am no longer the God Creator you are familiar with, because I have experienced After transcendence and NetEnt transformation!” Chen Xiang asked: “Then, why did you meet me with this appearance?” Chen Xiang asked. Hong Ying smiled slightly, and the black Qi Sha danced around Hong Ying, “This is a form of expression for me in this world, I want Surebet247 to let you know that I am not only a powerful god, but also a star A part of Hui Gumu’s heart, from now on I will become a part of the entire Absolute Beginning world!” Chen Xiang frowned slightly, he didn’t quite understand what this red shadow meant. “I exist deep in everyone’s heart. I am both their fear and their hope.” Hong Ying explained, “In this world, everyone has their own inner demons. , they can truly grow.” Hearing this, Chen Xiang’s heart moved. He somewhat understood the meaning of the existence of this ancient wood heart demon! He even suspected that this Gumu heart demon was once the heart demon of the God Lord Creator! Chen Xiang secretly guessed that the Dao Creator God Lord could



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