Proud Premier League Shidan God Chapter 53 Pragmatic play 08 Taurus Star Lord

Chen Xiang began to seriously think about Msports, how can Evolution game contact the star master of the Taurus star on Bet9ja, because Qingxing is a star person, plus she is also the queen, so he can easily contact him. Qingxing actually doesn’t know how other people can establish contact with Star Master. If she knew, she would have told Chen Xiang a long time ago, so she can only let Chen Xiang find a way by himself. Palace Master Xiaoqing and Chen Xiang came out of the bath, but they didn’t say much, because Chen Xiang had been thinking of a way all along, and now he just had an inkling to contact Star Master, and still needed to try. Palace Master Xiaoqing didn’t continue to disturb Chen Xiang, she also wanted to practice, since she communicated with Queen Qingxing, she confirmed that she is Queen Qingxing’s avatar, Palace Master Xiaoqing’s state of mind was greatly affected, she was even more eager to be strong the power of. When Chen Xiang met and talked with Qingxing, little sister Xiaojing didn’t know about it, and Chen Xiang also told her in detail. After listening, sister Xiaojing sighed: “I didn’t expect…the world in the beginning is so complicated! Qingxing still has a lot of things to say, on the one hand, it is the time limit, and on the other hand, her talent in the beginning restricts her. She said something about high cultivation.” “It seems that there are some forbidden secrets in the heaven and earth in the early days, so we can only go out and dig them ourselves.” Chen Xiang is still in the star core space, and the place he is in is also very empty. It’s all white. “Brother Surebet247, you should have a way to contact the Star Master, right?” Sister Xiaojing asked, “If you can’t contact the Star Master of Taurus, the Holy City of Taurus is very likely to be blown up.” For the Divine Tree of Absolute Beginning, the Absolute Beginning Academy Palace must be destroyed here, and Palace Master Xiaoqing must be taken down, otherwise they will



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