World Proud Pill God Chapter Premier League5Liverpool294 Horror Lion Tide

Chen Xiang can also see now that this disciple of Taixuan Star Sect is really the kind who doesn’t want to compete with the world, he is afraid of causing trouble. Chen Xiang and the others were also willing to be with Grandmaster Jingxiang mainly because he was very strong, which was equivalent to having a powerful bodyguard by his side. On the way, Chen Xiang also asked Surebet247 many things here and there, Master Jingxiang also answered patiently. Master Jingxiang is not disgusted with Chen Xiang’s poker problem, but he also finds Chen Xiang very interesting, because in Spinmatic’s eyes, Chen Xiang is just a curious baby who doesn’t understand anything, but looking at Chen Xiang’s cultivation, he also finds Chen Xiang very interesting. Shouldn’t know nothing. Chen Xiang learned from Grandmaster Jingxiang that as long as he can step into the sixtieth stage of the Absolute Beginning Realm, he can participate in the Grandmaster Examination of the Taixuan Star Gate, and if he passes it, he will be a Champions League master. Master Jingxiang has just passed the assessment, so he is only at the 60th level of the Absolute Beginning Realm now. So in terms of cultivation in real madrid, Shen Ningyi’s deity is higher than him. Shen Ningyi is at the sixty-eightth level of the Absolute Beginning Realm, which is already very close to the sixtieth level of the Absolute Beginning Realm. And the White Peacock also has a cultivation base of more than 50 in the Absolute Beginning Realm, and his strength is not weak. Chen Xiang also asked about the underworld. Although Master Jingxiang knew about it, he didn’t know much. He was also very curious about the underworld in the early days. “Master Jing Xiang, then why do you think this area suddenly appeared?” Chen Xiang shifted the question back to this mysterious Lion Mountain. The mysterious Lion Mountain appeared suddenly, and then several big forces immediately opened small star gates, indicating that those forces knew something more or less. “I don’t know the specific situation, I only know that there may be something sealed inside these Shishan Msports affiliates.



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