Night Ranger Chapter 19 man city last livescore

19live betting Novel Banner 22Bet this time, although the power of the four totem barriers is already very weak, it is impossible to completely block the divine power of Mingfeng. However, due to Eve’s joining, the rebirth of Mingfeng was a bit unprepared, and it also provided Marvin with a chance to breathe. He grasped this opportunity precisely, and once again killed Mingfeng instantly in full view! The green leaves dance wildly, Mingfeng is dismembered in an instant, and the golden liquid splashes wildly! As a god, Mingfeng was miserable enough today. He died thirty-three times, thirty-two of which were killed by Marvin, and one time was due to the Valkyrie Eve. At this moment, the source of God in Mingfeng’s body suddenly weakened at a speed visible to the naked eye! “Seal her for the last time!” Ben Ding shouted loudly: “That woman can no longer be resurrected!” A large number of corpse servants. O’Brien and Inheim also resorted to their own means, forcing BGaming to drag the enemies back, creating the best killing space for Marvin! Even the jungle banshee and the volcano giant, who had been unable to hold on before, exerted their last strength to maintain the stability of the four-totem enchantment. In the next second, Mingfeng’s divine origin flashed the last light. A stern look flashed in Ma Wen’s eyes: “Last time!” As long as he stabs one last time, he can completely wipe out Mingfeng’s traces in this world! Already sore arms. Gathering his energy again, his powerful prediction ability allowed him to capture the place where Mingfeng was reborn in an instant! It has to be said that the power of the four totem enchantment is indeed much weaker. this time. deep



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