World Proud Pill God Forebet Chapter 5236 NetEnt Primordial Slave

Chen Xiang looked at the petite and cute little girl in front of him, and secretly sighed in his heart. Just like Palace Master Xiaoqing, this Golden Bull Holy City is still a baby, and it is far away from the center of the vortex. If the star gate is opened, it means that the city of Taurus will enter the battlefield, and it is very likely to be very cruel at that time. “Brother Shen, you… do you really have any enmity with the Three Sacred Sect?” Palace Master Xiaoqing couldn’t help asking, she seemed to be very concerned about this matter, and she was trying to determine something. “Well, there is hatred! Great hatred!” Chen Xiang must destroy them, because they are the source of the turmoil. Although the Heaven and Earth of Absolute Beginning have suppressed everything now, and time has been completely suppressed by the Heaven and Earth of Absolute Beginning, there will no longer be people who fluctuate time randomly, and there will be no ripples of time that will cause all kinds of chaos. However, the Three Saints, that is, the Temple of Time and the others, are the so-called children of time, and they will definitely make a comeback. BGaming has only been born for 20,000 years in the early days. It seems that time has been suppressed at present, but what about the future? No one can guarantee that the Trinity Church will not use the time to create chaos again in the Premier League. Palace Master Xiaoqing said in a low voice: “Then don’t talk about this matter everywhere, okay? Although… our empress and the Three Saints Sect have a good relationship with Parimatch on the surface, but… some things are not as simple as they seem on the surface.” Chen Xiang immediately saw that Palace Master Liverpool knew something, Roulette just couldn’t tell. Chen Xiang patted her head, and said with a smile: “I know! I have fought with him for a long time, and I have a lot of experience. By the way, is there the Three Sacred Sect here?” Palace Master Xiaoqing nodded slightly and said man city: “Yes, their Betways are very powerful, so I hope Brother Shen can be more stable and forbearing. I am now managing



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