The God of Alchemy Chapter 519Surebet2471 The core turns into a liverpool egg

Author: Silent Little Thief:,,,,,,,,,, the fastest update! “Extreme? What method did they use?” Chen Xiang looked at the big heart, which was golden and looked a bit sacred. It was unbelievable that it was created by an extreme method. “There were traces of barriers around the star core. They should have used a strong barrier to seal the star core, and then released a special flame to burn the star core, disrupting the original shape of the star core.” Mirror sister said. “Ah? What kind of flame did you use?” Chen Xiang thought for a while, only feeling that this method was indeed too rough. “It should be the fire of life, burn the star core to a certain degree, and then pass some secret methods to endow the star core with life, and then they control the star core to release the blood of purgatory by themselves, and grow into A heart.” Xiaojing’s live betting sister continued. Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and indeed he could sense a very strong breath of life, which should be the remnants of the fire of life. “I still don’t understand. Although this method is too rough, it doesn’t seem extreme?” Chen Xiang rubbed his chin and began to think. “After the star core is burned by the fire of life, it will be in a chaotic state. At this time, as long as there is another new life to contact the star core in the chaotic state of life, the star core will transform into this kind of life.” Xiao Xiao Sister Leap Mirror said that at this time, the Divine Mirror of Six Paths released a super-powerful light beam, which hit the huge golden heart, and she wanted to conduct a more in-depth investigation. “Could it be that they let the heart touch the star core at that time? Let the star core turn into a heart?” Chen Xiang frowned and said, “Did something go wrong with them? Champions league” “The star core that turned into the chaotic state of life needs to be absorbed



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