World-Proud Alchemy Chapter 51 Online Casino Betting Chapter 76 Revenge of the Broken Arm

Chen Xiang came outside the live betting barrier, and he asked Xiao Jing’s younger sister to try it. Although the barrier was very strong, it took a long time for Xiao Jing’s sister, but in the end she passed through the barrier smoothly. “This place is indeed different from before.” After Chen Xiang entered, he could immediately sense the great change in the atmosphere of Tianguxing. “That’s right! The creation force in this 22Bet has become more concentrated, it seems that it has been gathered together, and there is a very strong blood of purgatory in the creation force.” Sister Xiaojing also sensed it. “Can we find those guys?” Chen Xiang looked around, then closed his eyes to sense the place where the ancient star’s powerful aura was released. “Brother real madrid, why don’t you wait for them to find Spinmatic!” Sister Xiaojing smiled and said, “We should be able to lure NetEnt and them out.” Fly over a wasteland. “Start!” Younger sister Xiaojing directly controlled the magic mirror of six paths, bursting out the power of the star core. This force bursts out, directly penetrates the ground and enters the inner core, as long as the time and the heavenly beings are in the inner core space, they can sense it. Sure enough, Chen Xiang didn’t wait long before several people appeared, hovering around him, surrounding him and the Divine Mirror of Six Paths. “What Paripesa are you?” a silver-haired woman asked. Chen Xiang looked at the silver-haired woman and several other youths, they also had silver hair. And they all look very young, they look like they are in their twenties. The woman is tall and has a fiery figure, wearing silver soft armor and holding a broad sword. It can be seen that this woman is a small boss, and those young people are all



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